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October 2013

The Journey Not The Destination.

I’m more of a destination guy.

All about the journey? No thanks.

I know where I want to go, and want to make it happen as quickly and painlessly as possible. The journey always felt more like a means to the destination, than it did a time filled with it’s own opportunity.

For the last year and a half, our ‘destination’ has been England. Let’s do whatever we need to do to make that happen. I never really considered the possibility that God has things to teach us in the preparation. Sure, you can always learn things along the way, but the real point is getting to the final destination.

But I’m starting to realize that both the journey and the destination carry equal and unique chances to learn and grow. It’s only when I break my gaze from the final destination that I can truly appreciate what God is teaching in the midst of the journey.

Even within the last few weeks we see how God’s timing is not our timing; and whether or not our plans come together the way we expect, it’s all a measure of His grace. But we would not have had the opportunity to experience those things without the journey. Thanks for coming on this journey with us.

Breaking my gaze,

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How God Wrecked My Plans

guitar wreckageI still remember it so clearly. I was six, my family was living in Virginia Beach, and we would turn up the music really loud and rock out around the family room. That’s when I knew. I knew that I was going to do music. At that point I had never picked up an instrument, written a song, or performed a solo. But my heart was confident that music is what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life.

From piano lessons, to choir, asking for a guitar, attempting to write songs, getting involved in worship, starting a band, studying music business in college to ultimately moving to Nashville – it was all driven by reality that I was supposed to be doing music. And for the majority of my life I thought that looked like being a touring artist: writing, recording and touring for months out of the year. But then we moved to Nashville and God wrecked my plans.

I had the chance to see first hand, and interact with the people who I had for so long aspired to be. And honestly, the things I disliked quickly began to outweigh the things I liked about being an artist. I still had a heart and a passion for music, and have loved working in the industry, but my understanding of what music as a career looked like for me was beginning to look much different than I had planned.

For the first two years of living in Nashville I didn’t even have the opportunity to lead worship regularly… And it wasn’t for lack of trying! And at first it didn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal. I had led worship at least once a week since I was 14, so surely some time off would be a good thing. A friend and fellow worship leader even encouraged me that taking at least a year to focus on getting to know my new bride, and go to church together was something he and his wife wished they would have more intentionally pursued their first year of marriage. But in those two years God continued to stir my heart towards leading His people in song.

Looking back now, I can see how if God would have given me what I thought I wanted: to be a full-time touring musician, or even the opportunity to lead worship regularly in Nashville how I never would have seriously entertained the idea of spending at least a year in Liverpool. At 26, my life is already turning out differently than I expected, but one thing that I have seen proven true in my life:

‘the mind of man plans his steps, But the Lord directs his steps.’ – Proverbs 16:9 (NASB)

As much as I desire to be in control, God is showing me how my life is not mine own, and certainly not mine to control.

Even the idea of being support based through this time is a loosening on my desire for control – will we raise the money we need? Will it come easily? Will it be within the timeframe we hope? I have no idea. But I do know that if Liverpool in January of 2014 is where God wants us to be, than there is nothing that we can or cannot do to keep that from happening.

Learning to live open-handedly,

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Moving Emotions

The last few months have been exciting and scary. We are so excited about the opportunity to move to Liverpool and see and experience what God is doing in there. And it’s been scary because this is a big transition – and one that is certainly filled with lots of unknown. In light of that reality, we put together a little video that will help you understand the emotions we’ve been feeling:

the big move.

photoFriends + Family! Thanks for coming to the website. Kelly and I are starting on a new adventure in January of 2014 – but we don’t go alone, we need your support as we go. Want to know more about what we’re up to, and how all of it happened? Read below…

Over a year ago, I was having a rough day at work (and while being a productive employee) was scanning Twitter when I came across a post from Acts 29 Church Planting Network saying they were looking for church plant interns in Western Europe. I sent it to Kelly, who on a whim said ‘let’s apply.’ After doing a little digging to find out more about the internship – we set up a call with Steve Robinson, head of the Program, and the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Liverpool, UK. The conversation started about the internship program in general – what would be expected and involved, the training course that each intern would go through, discipleship, length of time, some details about the various church plants. But as we spoke, and I told him a little bit more about Kelly and me, our heart and what we feel called to do he responded with ‘I feel like you guys would be the perfect fit for our church!’ Liverpool is an artistic community, known as the ‘Pop Music Capitol of the World’ – it is where The Beatles are from, after all! What Cornerstone is all about, along with the needs within the church body and the community at large seemed to overlay almost seamlessly with our passions, and experience.

Several months ago Kelly and I were having a conversation about creating our dream roles: ministry, work and life what they would look like. About a week later, I had a call with Steve where he said almost word for word some of the things that we desired – for me, to serve in the church and lead worship, write songs, and be involved in the business, and creative side of the music industry. For Kelly to just be – helping to walk alongside women who are struggling, to be blessed and be a blessing. Just to live life with them.

What this means for us, we’re moving! Come January 2014, we’ll be packing up and moving to Liverpool, England for a 12 month (possibly longer…) stint as interns with Cornerstone Church. We are excited and terrified and a myriad of different emotions.

And this is what all of this means for you – we want you to move with us! What we mean by that is that there are two major areas where you can come along side us in this process. The first is prayer. There are lots of moving parts that we are working out before we go – and there are so many things that are unknown once we arrive. England is much darker spiritually than what we have experienced in the ‘Bible belt.’ But we believe that God goes before us, and as you pray for us, you will be going along with us on this journey.

The second need is financial. Under the religious visa that the church has secured, we will not be able to receive money from the church or have a job. Which means we will be completely support based – like missionaries. Much like prayer support, we truly believe that when people financially support the work of the Gospel they too are on the front lines. God displays His provision through others, using both those that give and those that go to do the work of Gospel ministry.

For both of us, for one year, we need to raise $30,000. That amount covers everything that we need – rent, utilities, food, phones, education, and our travel expenses. We’ve partnered with an organization called, Missionary Support Services that helps to manage funds for people doing gospel ministry overseas. They have helped us set up secure, tax-free ways for you to support us financially. Those making the commitment to support us financially can arrange for direct monthly withdrawal from their checking account, online through Paypal, or through checks. To learn more about the options for giving, you can visit the ‘Support Us’ tab here on the website!

As we’re sure many of you have experienced, there are many costs involved in moving, so our goal is to raise $10,000 by November 30th. And to also have a group of people who will commit to regular monthly giving for our remaining need (which would be approximately $2,000 a month) for the entire year we are in Liverpool.

This has been a long process, and not one that we’ve entered into flippantly. Our conversation with Steve was casual over a year ago, and because the issue of visas has finally been settled, all of our planning has become more definite and intentional. But this isn’t a ‘year off’ to go do something fun. We are confident this is where God is leading us next. What comes after we’re not sure. But we’re so grateful for your continued relationship and investment, and we look forward to you being a part of where God is leading us next.

As we continue down this road, we’ll use our website as the central hub to share information about what we’re up to via blogs, pictures, and videos. We’ll be updating regularly so please keep checking back!