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December 2013

Three Years

We love Nashville.  In three years, it really has become our home.  We always describe it as ‘feeling like a small town, but with all of the things you love about a city.’  And we’ve had some really fun experiences living in Nashville, that we would never have happened anywhere else.  So we put together a little highlight of the last three years…


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Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

We discovered when we got back from Thanksgiving that our Christmas decorations were at the very bottom back corner of our storage closet.  And since we’re in the process of trying to pack up our Nashville apartment, getting out Christmas decorations frankly felt like more work than it was worth.  BUT!  We are still trying to get into the spirit by playing a Christmas song by the one and only, John Lennon.  Here’s ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’ – enjoy!

Merry Christmas!
Aaron + Kelly

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Game Plan

photoSo far in this blog I’ve written a lot about what Kelly and I are experiencing as we prepare for our move. But as the move date approaches, I thought I’d fill you in on what the next few weeks look like for us.

Our last day of work is December 20th, and our lease is up on our apartment December 27th. We’ll pack up what furniture we’re keeping (which isn’t much – just a few vintage pieces we don’t want to get rid of) and head back to Charlotte.

My parents have an apartment addition on the back of their house where Kelly and I will live for the next month as we finalize all of the details of our move. We’ll spend time with family, reconnect with some old friends, and most likely have a ‘sending event’ where we’ll speak in more detail about what we’re going to be doing, play some music, etc.

We’ll leave for Liverpool mid-January. When we arrive the church has organized a family that will allow us to crash at their place as we get settled: get local banking and cell phones set up, and find an apartment.

From there it’s hit the ground running. Although a year is a long time, it goes quickly. Our goal will be to plug in as quickly as possible so that we’re able to maximize our time at Cornerstone Church.

Please continue to pray for us, any move is filled with small details and logistics. And a move out of the country – something we’ve never done before is sure to have it’s own set of obstacles. Not to mention, I turn into a bit of a crazy person when it comes to moving ☺.

Thank you SO much for all that you’ve done to be a part of this journey. So many people have prayed for us, some have given, and it means more than you know. I don’t know that we’ll always get to see the results of what we’ve sewn, but I know that as you’ve participated with us in this move to Liverpool, you’re not just investing in something for 2014. You’re not investing in something fleeting, you’re investing in the hearts and lives of people that will leave a mark for generations… Long after we leave. And that is incredibly humbling.


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A Cynic’s Guide To Gratitude

photoAs I’m sure you’ve assessed by now, we’re all over the place emotionally when it comes to this move.

Although control is only an illusion, we’ve felt the lack of control over our circumstances in the past few months. And that realization can lead to two different reactions – a grasping for some semblance of control (fear), or a humble surrender (gratitude). What I’ve realized is both are a choice. Circumstances will always change, so allowing them to dictate your feelings is maddening.

We choose gratitude.

To be honest, we have much for which to be grateful. And because of that you would think that wouldn’t be a difficult choice. But as people I think we have tendency (or maybe it’s just me) to be self focused – what we do and do not have. Turning inward I’m learning makes cultivating gratitude very difficult. Sometimes Kelly and I have to list out all of the things that we have to be grateful for – this also helps us recognize that God has and continues to provide for our needs.

Here’s a small look at some of the things that have been on our list recently:

-We are more than half way to our goal of needed funds!
-We have people who have committed to praying for us.
Awaken Church (where I have led worship once a month over that last year) gave us a check for $3,000 (crazy!) and is partnering as a sending church as we go.
-Our community group used our last meeting of the year to lay hands and pray for us.
-My new boss agreed to a part-time (10 hours a week) independent contractor position, which will allow me to make some extra money each month.
-And as flawed, fearful, messed up vessels, we get to be a part in what God is doing in the lives of people – in a full-time ministry capacity for at least a year. How unbelievably humbling!
-Our families have been encouraging, and continue to be a resource for equipping us to follow God’s call in this new season.

Ultimately, we should never run out of things to be grateful for, because our greatest need has already been met in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Everything else is grace.

Experiencing much grace and choosing gratitude,

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Financial Update!

As we’re closing in on our move date to Liverpool, we still have lots of details that need to be finalized. We wanted to record a video thanking all of you who have decided to partner with us prayerfully and financially. As of December 6, 2013 we are just over half of our $30,000 goal!

Total: $15,446
Monthly Pledged Donations: $685
Monthly Pledges Totaling: $8,220
One Time Gifts: $7,226

That total is from 20 individuals and couples that have given so far!
We are SO grateful for everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. Whether you have given financially, prayed for us, or sent us notes of encouragement, THANK YOU!

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Not The Third World, But…

photoI know what you’re probably thinking: ‘Moving to Europe for ministry… Rough life.’

You’re right; Europe is not the third world. But just because the culture and landscape are different does not mean the need is any less significant than in the world’s most impoverished nations.

Although the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation, I think some of the statistics of the faith culture in Europe today may be surprising…

In England…
-There are 4 million-less Christians now than there were in 2001.
-There has been a 90% decline in the number of young people under the age of 20 attending church over the last 20 years.
-39% of churches have no one attending under 11 years old.
-49% of churches have no one attending between 11-14 years old.
-59% churches have no attending between 15-19 years old.

In Europe…
-In order for the French population to have reasonable access to the Gospel, 4,192 churches would need to be planted today.
-There are 15 evangelical bookstores in the whole of Italy – which is one bookstore for every 4 million Italians.
-52% of East Germany identifies as ‘atheist.’ This same survey failed to find 1 person under 28 years old who believed in God.

These facts are only a snapshot. And certainly do not speak to the whole scope of the need. But one thing is certain: ‘…the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Luke 10:2)

No matter the culture, our deepest need is right relationship with God.

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Grateful for you,

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