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January 2014

British Invasion Event Recap

On January 18th Kelly and I hosted British Invasion: A Night of Stories, Songs & Support at the Gathering Fort Mill (my family’s church in South Carolina).  It was a chance for us to share our heart, and stories behind our move to Liverpool.  We are so grateful to all of our family and friends that came to the event (as well as those who helped us put on the event!).  Here’s a quick video recap, as well as some photos my youngest brother, Jonah snapped at the event.

number 1 two three four five

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Visas, Looking Stupid and Truth Tourettes

photoTwo months.
That’s how long I have been trying to complete the online visa application form to be able to progress with our move. I set up six different profiles, 15 applications, tried PC and Mac, along with different web browsers. But nothing worked.

I’ve been stuck on step three, booking biometric information (fingerprints and photo) of a five step process from the beginning. I got an error message every time I got to this step. Sadly, this website (the only place to apply for visas) is severely lacking in technical support. For the last month, I had been getting emails from the website saying they were having ‘technical issues’ and to ‘try back later.’ And I was hoping their technical issues were the cause of my delay.

Whether Embassy’s, tech support, missionaries, or anyone remotely connected to the UK or this website, I spent over 40 hours online or on the phone last week. It was miserable.

Finally, yesterday morning I got a response from technical support for the website, saying, “Make sure all of our locations are selected as ‘United States’ and not ‘United Kingdom.’’ Duh, don’t you think I know that I’m in the States and not in the UK?

As I logged back into the website I found a section that asked for your mailing address, then passport number, desired travel date, and location. Under location I had selected ‘United Kingdom’ thinking – ‘they already know I’m in the States, they just asked for my mailing address above.’ Well, apparently they meant current location, NOT desired location. Hahaha.

That’s right, as much time and energy as I’ve spent working, stressed and freaking out, it’s been MY error the whole time.

Of course the team at Cornerstone Church got a good laugh, and told me this gave them permission to endlessly mock me. For someone who’s biggest fear is looking stupid, that would have bothered me – but I’m just so glad to have gotten past section three, I don’t care!  And honestly, I have truth tourettes – I can’t keep that kind of stuff to myself.

Please pray for us. For the last few weeks thought our original move date of January 28th wasn’t going to happen. Now we may be able to come close. But to make it happen the next week is going to be slammed. We have our biometric appointment Friday, and will send everything off for approval that afternoon.

We’re also on the cusp of hitting our financial goal of $30,000. So many people have graciously given. Every dollar counts and that makes a bigger impact than you realize. The more we raise, the longer we will be able to stay and be able to pour into the community in Liverpool. At least 18 months is our goal.

Would you please pray about giving towards our time in Liverpool? Giving is easy online – click here to find out more.

We can’t wait to get over there and share the stories of what God is up to in the UK.
Grateful (a little relieved, and kinda idiotic),

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You’re Invited!

We want to invite everyone to
British Invasion: A Night of Stories, Songs & Support!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 4.41.04 PM

This will be a chance for you to hear from us about what we’re getting ready to do, how you can be a part, and hear some music inspired by this new season – and spend some time in worship together.

Here are the details:

January 18th


The Gathering Fort Mill (3545 Centre Circle Fort Mill, SC 29715)

You can RSVP on Facebook (click here)

Kids are welcome, feel free to bring friends, we’ll have snacks and opportunities for you to partner with us as we go!

If you have questions you can email: bucyfamilyband@gmail dot com!

Music City to Queen City

music city to queen cityHappy New Year, friends!

It’s been almost two weeks since we arrived in Charlotte. At first packing up a trailer with our apartment wasn’t that weird because we’ve moved around this time every year since living in Nashville. And a week before Christmas is typically when we’ve come back to Charlotte for our holiday break.

Sunday, December 22nd we got up early to spend our last meal in Nashville at one of our favorite breakfast spots, The Pancake Pantry. Saturday night we had gotten the trailer, and boxed up and organized everything that was about to be packed away. When we got home from breakfast we loaded up the trailer, cleaned the apartment, said goodbye to our friend, Tiffany (who was our first friend when we moved to town), and then we were off.

trailerIt rained the entire drive back. As if driving through the mountains of the Tennessee/Carolina border wasn’t difficult enough, at night, in the rain, pulling a twelve-foot trailer was an experience I’d rather not repeat.

There were lots of different emotions on the drive back. Kelly felt the weight of what was happening much sooner than me. I don’t think it really hit me until pulling into my parent’s neighborhood. It’s a bizarre dynamic, because as much time as Kelly and I have spent in Charlotte growing up, Nashville is home. Nashville was home because it’s where we started our family.

Last week was rough: emotionally, mentally, and physically. We just felt spent. We got in lots of good family hang out time, slept in and even took a few naps ☺. My grandmother had a few timeshare points she was trying to use up by the end of the year so Kelly and I were able to go down to North Myrtle Beach for two days, which was SO nice.
photo 3

This week has been trying to get everything squared away. Finalizing the visa – which has been a little trickier than we thought due to some website issues during the application process. Setting up my student loans for a more manageable payment during the next year. And trying to figure out what a new schedule doing freelance work for my old employer will look like on a weekly basis.

This process has not been easy… It hasn’t always been fun, and the amount of work it has taken just to get to this point has often felt overwhelming. But as we look back (as so many do at the year’s end), we are so grateful for the last three and a half years in Nashville. And as we look forward (as so many do at the year’s beginning) we are expectantly hopeful.

Stepping into the unknown is always a little scary. But God has graciously provided glimpses of how different seasons and experiences have prepared Kelly and I both individually, and as a couple to step into this new role, in this new season.

So many of you have been people that have spoken courage into our hearts, maybe without even realizing it. Getting updates and seeing that people have financially committed to supporting us is incredibly humbling. Getting texts saying ‘I’m so proud of you guys,’ or asking how you can pray for us means more than you know.

We don’t go alone. We don’t work on our own. As a group of individuals scattered across the country, we all get to be a part of what God is doing in another part of the world. How crazy is that?!

Sorry for the extra long post, but we had lots of ground to cover. 2014 is going to be an exciting year, and we’re grateful to have you along for this journey with us.


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