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February 2014

We’re Here!

Wanted to post a quick blog to let everyone know that we’re here!
Although it was a long travel day, flights were great, customs was a breeze and all of our bags and guitars arrived in one piece.

We’re currently staying at Pastor Steve family’s home while they are in the states for two months.  Which has been a great central location to the church, meeting the elders and staff, getting our bank account set up, and going to our first gospel community (community group, bible study).  The church has been very gracious and generous to us since we’ve arrived – filling our schedule, but also allowing us time to recover from jet lag.

We’ll do a longer more detailed post next week, but we do have a few things we’d love for you to pray about:

-It’s pretty overwhelming, moving into full-time ministry.  We’ve been involved with ministry in part-time or volunteer capacities, but the weight of responsibility in a full-time role is intimidating.  Please pray for courage, and boldness as we start this new adventure.

-We’re still sitting around $27,000 of our initial $30,000 goal – and the more we raise, the longer we’ll be able to stay.  And we would love to be able to stay at least as long as our two-year visa will allow.  Please pray that God will provide the necessary resources for however long He’d like us to be here.

-Although a year seems like a long time, we know that it will go by in the blink of an eye.  Please pray that God would show us how to maximize our time, being intentional in relationships, and finding our feet in the city and within our roles.

We are grateful for you all!  You have enabled us to live out what God has called us to for this time in our lives.  Thank you!  Here are a few pictures of the last couple days.  We’ll be posting more pictures, and details later on, so stay tuned!

Aaron + Kelly

number onepicture two

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Memorial Markers

photoWe are forgetful people. And I’m pretty sure it’s always been that way.
In the Old Testament, the Israelites set up ebeneezers – physical, visible reminders of specific times when God showed his faithfulness to His people.

Kelly and I have been overwhelmed the last two years with our own markers of God’s faithfulness. Whether big or small, it’s been important through this process to write down and cling to those reminders through this season. And as we get ready to board a plane tomorrow, we wanted to share some of these makers that will hopefully encourage you as well…

-Two weeks ago, we were feeling particularly discouraged with visa issues. After spending all day on the phone, I was no closer to a resolution than I was at the beginning of the day. So Kelly and I went to Starbucks to decompress for a bit. The woman sitting next to us studying her Bible, turned as she got up to leave and said ‘you both were at my church a few weeks ago leading worship. I heard your story and wasn’t able to support you then, but I wanted to be able to give towards your move to Liverpool.’ Then she handed us a check for $100. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-It was really the last six months of living in Nashville where we felt the most connected, and our community group had a large part to do with that. When we told them how disappointed we were to be leaving so soon after meeting them, their response was ‘well, maybe God brought us all here to be a part of sending you guys on this new journey.’ A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-My last month at Inpop, was with a completely new team. But my new boss offered to allow me to work from Liverpool – keeping me connected to the music industry, and making just enough money to cover my student loan payments each month. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-Right before we moved back to Charlotte, we sold lots of our clothes and furniture, and were able to cover the cost of a Uhaul and travel back to the Carolina, without having to dip into any savings. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

This list could go on for days. As believers, I don’t know that we always get to see how or why God allows and orchestrates the pieces of our story, but God has shown us glimpses along the way as of late. And that too is a marker of His faithfulness.

You, our supporters in prayer and financial are also markers of His faithfulness in our lives. We do not take that or you for granted.

Aaron + Kelly

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Flights Booked!

photo 2For the last few weeks, I was starting to wonder if this was the blog post that was never going to be written, but…

We have our visas, and our flights are booked!

We’ll be flying out Tuesday, February 25th arriving in Manchester (45 minutes East of Liverpool) early Wednesday, February 26th.  After two-months of uncertainty, it’s hard to believe that we’re this close to what we’ve been praying, processing and preparing for since June 27, 2012…

photo Yep, that’s the original email that I sent Kelly when I first saw the posting on Twitter about the internship program!

As an update on our finances – we’ve raised just over $26,000 of our initial goal of $30,000!  THANK YOU!  With an approved two-year visa, we would love to stay as long as our finances will allow.  Even $10 makes more of an impact than people could ever realize.  Thank you to everyone that has given thus far – we get to follow God’s call and leading because you faithfully have offered your money as an act of worship.

Also, for anyone on Instagram (the photo sharing app) – we’ve set up a Bucy Family Band account, so make sure to follow all of our adventures here: instagram.com/bucyfamilyband

With gratitude,

Aaron + Kelly

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And The Award Goes To…

photoAs we’re packing up this week, we felt like it was important to say a special thanks (award, if you will) a handful of individuals and organizations who have been instrumental in getting us this far in the process of our move to Liverpool.

Nathan Baker – We met Nate and his wife Colby in our community group in Nashville. Other than being some awesome people, Nate did our website for us! Hosting for the website, and fielding a million tech questions are just some of his many talents. You wouldn’t even be able to read this without him. You can check out Nate’s website here.

The Beautiful Mess – Candice and Daniel Lanning did our engagement and wedding photography. And we are so lucky to have them do some updated images to use for all of our Bucy Family Band related content… For free! Aside from being amazing photographers they are fantastic to work with – I have recommended them to SO many people. If you need amazing pictures, book your session with them here!

Awaken Church – Awaken is a church in Clarksville, TN where I’ve had the opportunity to serve leading worship at least once a month for over a year. They have always been amazingly encouraging, but they also gave $3000 as a church towards our ministry – HUGE! They love Jesus, the Bible, the community, and have loved and cared for us well. Visit their website here.

Our FBC Community Group – can we just say how much we love these people? This is one of the most supportive groups of people we’ve ever known. They have prayed for us, encouraged us, and every couple partnered with us financially. Every single one. The Bakers, the Boatmans, the Cullmans, the Ethridges, the MacIntryes, and the Smiths we love you all!

British Invasion Event Team – We say volunteer, our volunteers may say they were drafted, haha. My Mom, Lisa helped me set up sound, and got all of the video and visual content ready to go. My brother, Jonah took photos and videos to document the night. And Kelly’s sisters, Katie and Erin helped decorate and set up the space. Anthony and Heather are the awesome musicians (bass and djembe) who helped me lead worship that night as well.

The Gathering Fort Mill – Our home church from our Carolina days. They let us use their space for our British Invasion event. The FM also took time out of the service last Sunday so we could share about what we’ll be doing and have people pray for us. Visit their website here.

The Gathering Uptown – Hosted me leading worship a few weeks ago, and took a special offering for us as a church. People that give without a close personal relationship with us is always humbling. Visit their website here.

Missionary Support Services – First of all I need to thank my friend Greg Whitus for connecting us a few months ago! Erik at MSS has been so helpful in fielding all sorts of financial support questions. They’ve allowed us to offer people tax-deductible donations, and reoccurring monthly charges. Want to find out how easy they are to work with? You can support us here to find out ☺.

Cornerstone Church Team – Steve and Stephanie (in particular) have been amazing. I’ve probably sent more emails to these two in the past six months than anyone else. It’s hard to believe that we still haven’t met in the flesh. That’s going to change in a few weeks. Crazy!

Honestly, this list could go on forever. So many people have been a part of this journey to this point. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us prayerfully, and financially. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for your investment in us, and the opportunity you are allowing for us to serve the people of Liverpool.

Next week we’ll post an update about timeline, financial support, and all of that fun stuff. Stay tuned.

Aaron + Kelly

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