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March 2014

Three Days In London (Multiplying Churches Conference)

photoWe had barely been in the UK for a week, when we traveled south to London for three days at the Acts 29 Europe conference. We weren’t completely sure what to expect from the conference, or the city – but it was fantastic. And sorry New York, London wins ☺.

‘Multiplying Churches’ was a conference for church planters, leaders, and potential church planters interested in planting with Acts 29 in the whole of Europe. There was worship, main sessions, and breakouts, and interviews with pastors from around the globe. I can’t tell you how overwhelming it is to be surrounded by people from 25 countries united as one family through Jesus.

It was such an awesome opportunity to be in the country for such a short time and get a better picture of the state of The Church in Europe. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the conference:

‘God doesn’t love the future, better you – He loves you and is for you now.’ – Matt Chandler

‘We don’t shake our fists at the darkness, we lament it, and pray for the love of Christ to engage with it.’ – Chandler

‘We must get over ourselves. We must do the hard work of assessing our motives, confession and repentance.’ – Chandler

‘God brings light to a dark world through His Word, and through His people.’ – Tim Chester

‘Christians are not simply called to be individuals of light, but communities that bring light!’ – Chester

‘Believers should embody the joy of living under the rule and reign of God.’ – Chester

‘Before God called you to vocational ministry, He called You to Himself.’ – Chandler

‘A good missionary and church planter should be a good theologian. Is your heart stirred for your homeland when you hear the Word of God preached?’ – Steve Timmis

‘Without God’s Word, you will have nothing special to offer the community in which you plant a church.’ – Reuben Hunter

‘When your pride is the motivator, your mindset is wrong and your integrity is shot.’ – Hunter

‘The heart of good music is the people of God responding to the revelation of God.’ – Rob Spink

‘Corporate worship isn’t about MY moment with God, we’re coming together to bless and serve one another.’ – Spink

‘The fuel needed for obedience is the realization that we are already loved, and delighted in.’ – Chandler

Here’s a great recap video of the conference:

And if you’re interested, you can download all of the audio from the conference for free, here by clicking here!

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Liverpool Flat!

Originally I had planned on posting about the Acts 29 Conference in London today.  BUT we signed the paperwork and got the keys to our Liverpool flat yesterday!  We went in and cleaned yesterday and took a few pictures.  We’ll be gradually moving in because it’s partially furnished which means no pots, pans, dishes, etc.  And the earliest appointment for internet connection was in ten days.  We’ll post more pictures as we move in, but here’s a couple ‘before’ shots.  Enjoy!


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I Don’t Wear Denim Skirts (What Have I Done?!)

photoThe title of this blog is the thought that threw me into what I would imagine is a panic attack the morning we arrived in Liverpool.  The reality of our move and what we were doing woke me up suddenly during a nap and fears began to flood my mind.  Lies, like: “God wouldn’t ever use me,” “I don’t know enough about the gospel and will only mess things up,” and “I’m not Christian enough.”  At that moment I had to fight hard choosing to believe those thoughts were not of God, even if I can find ways to rationalize it all in my head but seemed to be failing miserably.

During my freak out, I tried to dwell on all the beautiful things Paul spoke of in Philipians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

I’m not going to lie, this didn’t stop the fears BUT as I worked to change my thought process it began to bring my focus back on God and trusting him, and not on myself.  So many of my fears were me-focused and my inadequacies, but what I was failing to recognize is how I am not going alone.  God has not just sent Aaron and I off to another country to tell others about Him while He sits back and watches, but He is with us every step of the way, and gone before us. So yes, there is still so much to learn and at times I feel like a broken mess and overwhelmed with all the areas I need to grow in, but God can use that for His glory.

What I’m working on the most now is trusting God.

Trusting that He wanted Aaron and I to move to Liverpool, and trusting that He meant to send me and not someone else, like a girl that leads five Bible studies, plays the guitar, wears long denim skirts, and can recite the perfect Scripture in all situations.  I’ve found so much comfort in Proverbs 3:5  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”  Not always easy to do but in all reality, even the idea of going off of my own understanding is a much scarier thought, at this point in my life.   I feel like all I have is the ability to trust in God because its much more obvious to me now as to what little control we really have over our life and the understanding of what is even best for us.

After first arriving to Liverpool, I am definitely no longer under the illusion that I can lean on my own understanding.  To a certain level, I wish I could because that would provide a bit of comfort and control, but that isn’t what God desires and would not allow Him room to move in my life. Trusting that God will use this time to continue to grow and refine me, but also trusting that He knows me even better than myself and what will be best for me.

Cheers 😉

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Week One

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Are apologies in order? It’s taken us awhile to post about our first week in the UK… it’s been a whirlwind. We only had five days in Liverpool before we headed to London for the Acts 29 Europe conference.

Our flights went well and we landed bright and early at 6:00am local time. We were picked up at the airport and taken straight to Steve and Sian’s house to drop all of our stuff, take a nap and get cleaned up. We woke up from our nap realizing that we were in fact in a different country – and not for a vacation, but to set up residence. To be honest, we were both pretty freaked out about that reality (more on that in a later post). After our minor meltdown, we had lunch with a few of the team from Cornerstone and got to see the church. Getting to walk around and meet people calmed our nerves significantly.

The first few days were spent just familiarizing ourselves with our new surroundings, figuring out the dollar to pound conversion, setting up our bank account and going through our suitcases innumerable times looking for ‘that one specific shirt.’

We also had the chance to meet people from the church in smaller group settings – being in the office, going to a mid-week Gospel Community (GC= Community Group, Life Group, Bible Study, etc). Everyone we met was very gracious, and helpful and we would leave feeling encouraged.
photo 1
On Sunday morning we went to the morning service at Cornerstone in Liverpool, had lunch with one of the couples at church, and then went to the Wirral (same church two locations) campus for their service as well. It was a long, full day, and pretty exhausting – but also refreshing at the same time – if that makes any sense.

Monday afternoon we drove to London for three days for the Acts 29 Europe conference ‘Multiplying Churches’ (more on this later). It was pretty cool to be in England for such a short period and get the opportunity to spend time in London. The conference was great, and we were able to do a small amount of sight seeing one night after the sessions (check Instagram here, here and here for pictures!). As we continue to assimilate into a new culture, the conference was very helpful in understanding the state of the Church in Europe.
LW_Aerial_LR_Fotor_Collage 2
Everything is so new and so different – even more so than we expected. But we’ve been busy and encouraged. We’re finally settling into a normal sleep schedule, have been easing into our roles and responsibilities, and growing in our understanding of what the next year (hopefully more!) will look like.

Some days we are absolutely convinced we’ve made the right decision. Some days we wake up and realize we’ve quit our jobs, sold all our things, and are 4000 miles away from everything that we know and worked to establish, have stepped into roles that we’ve never done in a full-time capacity; and are very overwhelmed. But from what we’ve heard from other missionaries, that is typical and subsides once some of the mental and emotional exhaustion has worn off.

The one consistent thing has been, whenever we interact with the community of Cornerstone Church we leave feeling convinced that we’ve made the right decision. And for that, we are grateful.

Keep the prayers coming!
We are grateful for you,
Aaron + Kelly

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