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April 2014

Easter Week

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWow, I apologize this blog has been a long time coming!

Getting Settled
It has been a busy couple of weeks!  We’ve been in our new flat for just over three weeks; and for the most part, we’ve got everything set up and in place (as long as you don’t venture into the guest/studio/office room :)).  A couple of weeks ago some friends took us to IKEA so that we could pick up a few odds and ends – towel racks, bathroom kart, cups, decorative pieces, etc.

One of the nice things about having our own space now is the opportunity it provides to have people over for a meal, coffee, or just to hang out.  And we’ve already been able to do that multiple times.  We’ve both been reminded that ministry doesn’t just happen within the context of a church service, or during ‘office hours,’ but it also happens by inviting people into your life and into your home.

Robbo’s Return!
Pastor Steve and his family arrived back in Liverpool after nine weeks in the States for their daughter’s treatment the morning of Palm Sunday.  It is still bizarre to me that we lived in their house for three weeks before we even met them face-to-face!  Monday the staff went to breakfast together and got caught up before heading back to the office to flesh out some details of the next few months.  This is going to be an incredible year!

I don’t think there is anything more humbling than standing with believers from around the world proclaiming that Jesus is risen, and that we worship the same King.  I hope that never gets old.  Kelly and I got to celebrate Easter three times this week.  On Thursday night as both churches (Wirral and Liverpool) gathered to remember Jesus’ body broken on the cross and share communion.  And Sunday with two services (one at each church) as we celebrated together.  Easter in the UK is similar to the US in that it brings lots of non-believers, or people that would not otherwise attend church on a Sunday.

Although it could have been a little weird celebrating our first holiday without our immediate family – because even when we lived in Nashville, we’d come back to Charlotte for Easter.  We had a full day of meals and spending time with couples from both churches… And man, did we eat well!

As we continue to get more settled into our roles and responsibilities within the next month, we’ll make a stronger effort to blog regularly!

We are grateful for your support both prayerful and financial – keep ‘em up because we can’t do this without you!  Here’s a few pictures from our last couple of weeks.  To see more, follow us on Instagram here.

Aaron + Kelly
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The Importance Of Community

photo_FotorMaybe it’s a guy thing.
Maybe it’s an American thing.
We are fiercely independent… Or at least we think we are… Or at least we want to be.
But this tension exists of desiring to be fiercely independent, but still wanting to feel known, needed and loved.

But the reality is we can’t have it both ways. We can’t be known without risking hurt, we can’t be needed without investing time and energy, we can’t love without the possibility of being rejected. We need one another. We need community.

That truth has been an overarching theme for the two of us through this process. In the early stages, we had community of family and close friends that prayed for us. Then we had a community of people who were willing to financially support us as we stepped out. And we continue to have people who covenant to pray for us as we begin our time in Liverpool.

What could have been a very difficult transition for us was made much easier by an amazing community of people at Cornerstone Church here in Liverpool. These people have welcomed us into their homes, cooked for us, prayed for us, given us rides all over town, shown us their city, helped us move, bought us things to furnish our new flat, loved and cared for us well.

And the crazy thing is, I don’t think our interactions with Cornerstone are an isolated incident. I say that because in the month that we’ve been here, I’ve sung at a funeral of a grandmother of a family in the church, and our fellow American intern Stephanie has lost her Dad to cancer. In both cases, the church poured support, prayers, and practical needs into those situations – meals, rides, money for a flight, etc.

Community is essential. Community is important, and we see that from the start:
God is a communal God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
When God created Adam, he said ‘it is not good that man should be alone…’

Sure, you can go at it alone. But there is a strength, courage and comfort found in community that does not exist on our own.

We have become better equipped to face the challenges that come with a career change and international move because of our community back home. We have become better equipped to love and serve the people of Liverpool because of our new community at Cornerstone Church.

Community is important, so would you be a part of ours?

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