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June 2014

The Most Complicated Word

THE MOST COMPLICATED WORDLast weekend we celebrated Father’s Day.

Maybe it’s being out of your normal environment that you become aware of things that you never would have noticed before.  But I realized this Father’s Day there is probably no word more complicated than, Father.

For some people it brings up positive, happy memories.  For some people it brings up pain, anger and hurt.  And still for others, it brings about much sadness.

As we gathered together for worship on Sunday morning, I was painfully aware that all of those stories were represented in the church body.  People who had just lost their father, people with abusive fathers, fathers who have been kept from their children, and people with godly, loving and gracious fathers.  All that and so many other experiences more make Father’s Day so complicated.

And to further complicate our understanding – of all the words that God could possibly use to describe Himself, what does He pick?  Father. Over and over again we see in Scripture, God revealing Himself as Father.

Jesus says when we pray, to pray to God as Father. (Luke 11:2)
The psalmist says that God is a Father to the fatherless. (Psalm 68:5)
Paul says that there is one God and Father over all. (Ephesians 4:6)

So much of our world is not as it should be.  And there is so much of God’s character that we will never fully grasp.  I will never understand why God chooses to use broken, flawed and imperfect people, who even on their best day, are jacked up examples of what it looks like to be Christ-like.
But He does.

And this Father’s Day was a reminder of that reality.  God can use any means He chooses to point people to Himself – the ultimate Father.  The only One who never leaves or forsakes.  The only One who never disappoints.  The only One whose love is perfect, without end, and unconditional.

There is no other response to the difficulties we face in the world besides running to the cross, and saying: come quickly, Lord Jesus!

“…’Surely, I am coming soon.’  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!” – Revelation 22:20.

Living led,
Aaron + Kelly
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Rhythms Of Rest

restMinistry is not a normal job.  Sure, there can be some similarities to the working world, but it is not a 9:00-5:00 job.  Ministry is a lifestyle job, and by nature is not confined to 40 hours a week Monday through Friday.

Kelly and I have been involved heavily in ministry over the years, but this is our first experience where all of our time can be devoted to full-time ministry.  It is a completely different experience being able to spend all of your time, energy and effort in preparation and service to a body of believers and a community.  And for this season we believe this is exactly where God has called us.  To grow in our understanding of who He is, how He’s working in us as individuals and a couple, as well as what He’s up to in the UK.  What an honor and privilege.

But even when you get to do something you love, feel called to, and are passionate about, rest is important.  As Mark Driscoll says ‘… a good thing that becomes a god-thing quickly becomes a bad thing.’  And I don’t know if I ever understood the importance of rest until we said ‘yes’ to a career that doesn’t turn off when you clock out at the end of the day.

One of the things that I’ve understood more clearly in the last week (half-term for all of the students meant a few days off in a row for us J) is that we were created to work from a position of rest, not work for rest.  This isn’t ‘everybody’s working for the weekend.’

Rest is putting on the oxygen mask before checking the person next to you.

Rest is a reminder that we are fragile.

Rest is a reminder that we are not God.

Even Jesus, during His earthly ministry withdrew (rest) for quiet time of prayer and communion with His Father (Luke 5:16).  And for all believers, in full-time ministry or not, rest is the opportunity to return to that secret place.

‘Abandon the secret chamber and the spiritual life will decay.’ – Isaac Watts

From rest,
Aaron + Kelly
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