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July 2014

We Love Awaken Church

IMG_1223 2_FotorWe LOVE Awaken Church.

I know we’ve mentioned Awaken in earlier posts, so if you’re just tuning in I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version…

We first heard about Awaken through our friend and my co-worker, Tiffany, who told us about her sister and brother-in-law (Jenn and Kevin Miller) planting a church in Clarksville, TN.  And because it’s a small world, Kevin and I ended up working at the record label in Nashville together for about a year.  They were looking for someone to lead one week while Jenn (who was Awaken’s full-time worship leader) was out of town.  They asked, I said yes, and three weeks later they asked me to come up and lead once a month.

Without knowing it, Awaken was an answer to prayer.  After struggling for over a year to get involved in any capacity at our home church in Nashville, I had been praying for the chance to continue to invest in my gifts and work out more of what I felt God was impressing on my heart.  Awaken was supportive, encouraging and served Kelly and I well during our 14 months leading up to our Liverpool move.

Early on in the process we told the Miller’s about the potential for our move, and they were excited and supportive of us.  They helped us begin to process what it looks like to pick up, move to a new location and be in full-time ministry.

To date, Awaken is our largest financial supporter of our time in Liverpool. 

And the relationships that we’ve had with the staff and church community there continue on since we left Tennessee.  Because of that, we knew that coming back to the States, we needed to make a trip back to see our Awaken family.

We left Saturday morning and drove straight to Clarksville, spent the evening at the Miller’s house and got to have dinner with the pastoral staff and their families.  One thing that has been helpful for us in our new role is finding other people in full-time ministry that understand the challenges, difficulties and joy of this kind of life.  And the team at Awaken get that.

Sunday morning was an encouragement to us – to see how the people at Awaken have continued to learn, love and serve God, eachother and their community in a great way since we’ve been away.  I got to lead worship, and we told stories about what God has been teaching us, what we’ve been doing in Liverpool, and some specific prayer requests.  And they prayed for us again with the congregation.

awaken pictures


Being back with people that know, love and support us has been so refreshing.  Awaken, you are a blessing – and we are grateful for you!

Aaron + Kelly
PS: check out the sweet shot of the ‘friend’ Kevin and Jenn left under the covers of our bed in their guest room… yikes 🙂

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Carolina On My Mind

south-carolina-map_FotorOur first trip back to the States since moving to Liverpool: two weeks in the Carolinas, a little under a week in Nashville.  Here’s what we’ve been up to in the Carolinas…

The primary reason we came back in July was for my brother, Noah’s wedding.  But since flights are not cheap when flying across the ocean, we figured we’d need to make it worth our time and money – so that meant planning enough time to see all of our family, friends, supporters, and one of our favorite cities: Nashville.

The first week we spent mainly with family – hanging out, eating, and finishing up a few small wedding preparations.  But since Noah and Raelyn are rockstars most everything was already done!  Which just meant we had even more time to enjoy family and friends.  Coming back in July meant we were able to…

-Celebrate our nephew Bryce’s 7th birthday.
-Kelly was able to go to a chemo appointment with her sister, Erin.
-I went whitewater rafting with Noah and the other groomsmen.
-We took advantage of low ticket prices to Carowinds Theme Park with our friend, and fellow missionary, Emily Adkisson.
-I got to lead worship with my friend Robert and my Mom at my parent’s church.

We were surprised how easy and familiar everything felt.  Because it’s been four months we thought it might take some time to feel settled.  Culturally we felt back to normal, but at the same time realized: Charlotte hasn’t been home for quite some time.  So it felt a little more like being a tourist in a city you’ve grown up in…

There hasn’t been much ‘downtime’ in the sense of, nothing to and plenty of time to get caught up on Netflix or reading.  But it’s been filled with quality family hang out time.  Which in and of itself has been so refreshing.  Here are a few pictures from our time in the States thus far…


We are grateful for all of you who continually support us prayerfully and financially. We do not take your support lightly or without much gratitude!
Aaron + Kelly Bucy
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Cornerstone Church: Weekend Away 2014

Once a year, Cornerstone Church does a weekend away for three days at Cefn Lea Retreat Center in Wales.  It’s a time for teaching, eating, fellowship and games.  This was our first time going, and we had a blast!


weekend away

Our guest speaker was Mike Tindall from Grace Church in Manchester.  He unpacked a familiar passage – the Lord’s Prayer in a fresh way.  If you’re interested, you can listen to the audio from that weekend here.

We loved that our last weekend with our Cornerstone Family for three weeks (headed off to the States the next day) was all together enjoying the weekend away.

Here’s a little recap video:

Christians can have fun :).

Aaron + Kelly
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Live Off The Lane: July 2014

Live off the lane-finalAfter spending three years in Nashville, there is no way that we could ever live in a city that didn’t appreciate art, music and culture.  Thankfully, Liverpool is a creative community.  And Cornerstone Church is blessed with artists in several mediums.  One of the ways that the church has tried to celebrate that has been with an event called ‘Live Off The Lane.’  Inviting the church and community for a night of music, and performance at a local favorite restaurant – The Tavern.  If you weren’t able to make it, have no fear – here’s a little recap video so you can get a feel for the evening.  Enjoy!

PS: Kelly designed this awesome ‘Hatch Show Print’ style poster for our night – love it!


faq imageIsn’t it bizarre how quickly life can change?  120 odd days we’ve been away from what has been the most familiar.  Monday, we head back for three weeks for my brother, Noah’s wedding.  As per usual, there are mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, and a little bit of fear.  But we’re really excited to see all of our family and friends, and we’re sure they’ll have lots of questions – so here is our best guess at what will be the most frequently asked…

Absolutely!  Exploring new cities has been something we’ve always loved, so it’s been a fun new adventure.  We’ve learned that Liverpool’s culture is very unique to this city, and not always an accurate representation of the UK as a whole.  Everyone is very friendly, stranger or friend.  People are passionate, and engaging.  It’s a creative city that appreciates art, culture and music.

The first word that comes to mind is welcoming.  Family-oriented, and filled with people that love to invite you into their homes for a meal, coffee and conversations late into the night.  Theologically and stylistically it’s similar to other churches we’ve been a part of: reformed, expository Bible teaching, a mix of hymns and modern worship songs.

The last four months have been really about getting assimilated – comfortable in our new environment, getting to know the city, getting to know the church body.  So each day has been really different.  For me, it’s been about getting familiar with the music, and how things are run at Cornerstone.  Spending time with the musicians, other worship leaders and the church staff.  I’ve also had some time to read and write – which has been incredibly helpful!  Kelly volunteers doing childcare at a Muslim women’s center where the mom’s are learning English, and with an organization called ‘City Hearts’ that helps victims of human trafficking in the greater Liverpool area.  She’s also involved in two different women’s discipleship groups as well as meeting with several girls throughout the week.  AND we’re involved in two different Gospel Communities that meet weekly for a meal, and to dig deeper into the message from the previous Sunday.

Small conveniences – having a car, knowing what and where things are when you walk into a grocery store, understanding culture without a second thought, and Chic Fil A :).  And being close to family and friends, obviously!

A little bit here and there – but the plan is to really take advantage of reasonable travel, missionary friends, and close proximity to different countries when we get back in August.  So far we’ve ticked London, Manchester, Wales and Chester off the list of places we’ve been – but all deserve a little more time.

Our visa is for two years, we’ve committed to the church officially for 12 months.  We’d love to be here at least 18 (through September 2015) to complete the first year of Porterbrook Learning Network.  But only God knows what is in store for the future…

Well, I’m pretty sure that’d get you a couple jewels in your crown in heaven, and our undying affection for that!  Because we are completely support based, the financial and prayerful support of the people around us literally keeps us going.  And the truth is, the more people give, the longer we’re able to stay, serve, and grow.  If you’d like to be a part of what God is doing in Liverpool, you can read more here.

We can’t wait to see you all and share stories of how God continues to prove faithful to us, and the people of Cornerstone Church.  Specific people, and situations continue to be reminders that God is not far removed – but close.  He sees, knows and cares.

Aaron + Kelly
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