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September 2014

Value Shaped Worship

value shaped worshipAt Cornerstone Church, there are three core values that shape what and why we do everything.  They are ‘Gospel-Centred,’ ‘Marked By Grace,’ and ‘On Mission.’  What that means is that Jesus, and His completed work are at the core of everything that we are as a church and as God’s people.  It means that we understand that we’re people who have received grace in our past, in our present and in our future.  And that moves us out in response to the Gospel to Grace on Mission to a broken world around us.

Similar to the States, lots of new people arrive at churches at the start of the school year and a new year.  Each September Cornerstone has done a series on those three core values to remind those a part of the church, and to teach those new visitors what we’re all about.

A few months ago as I was putting together the theology of worship across Cornerstone Churches – those three core values were what anchor what we should be about as a team that leads sung worship for this particular body of believers.  Steve asked if I’d be willing to write a blog post after each of the sermons on each of the values that communicated how those values influence, impact and shape what worship looks like at Cornerstone Church.  Here are the three posts that you can read on the church’s website!

Gospel Centred Worship
This past Sunday Steve walked us through what it means that Cornerstone Church is Gospel Centred – that we are a people who have been born again into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus, and because of that we now have a new identity, a new way of thinking, and new life. Being Gospel centred shapes every aspect of our lives: the way that we view God, the way we view ourselves, and the way we treat one another.

The same is true for every area of ministry at Cornerstone Church – the Gospel shapes every part. As a worship team, we are seek to be Gospel centred in our approach to what happens as we gather, which shapes why we’re singing, what we’re singing, what we say, and even our preferences. (TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE)

Worship That is Marked By Grace
As Believers we are Marked by Grace. We have received grace upon grace upon grace. Grace in our past – most clearly at the cross, grace in the present moment – in being sustained day-to-day, and grace in the future – the hope of glory, the promise of eternal life in heaven with God. And we live in light and response to that overwhelming truth. 

It starts with seeing God for who He is – which means we go to the Gospel. Because as much as it may pain us to realize, the Gospel is not really about us, it’s all about Him. It’s all about Jesus. And my desire, my ultimate goal as a worship leader is to lift Jesus high, lift the Gospel high, and lift the cross high above us. Because when Jesus is lifted high we begin to understand more clearly who He is, and we begin to see ourselves accurately in light of His perfection.   And when Jesus is lifted high we see who He is and what He’s done on our behalf – that He has marked us with His grace. (TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE)

Worship That Is On Mission
Worship and mission are intrinsically linked. Why? Because at the heart of everything is a worship issue. We move out in mission when our hearts have been gripped in worship of the only One worthy of praise. We move out in mission because we’ve seen and experienced something of God, and proclaim that to our families, friends, city and the world. We move out on mission because we desire to see people who are worshiping anything and everything but God ‘taste and see that He is good’ (Psalm 34:8). John Piper says “Worship is fuel for mission.” These are not two separate parts of our faith experience, but they flow one from another and stir affection for the other.

Our time of sung worship on a Sunday is just one small piece of lives lived in worship throughout the week. But that time is also participating in something much larger than ourselves, our songs, and the gathering of Cornerstone Church. We are joining a story that has been in progress throughout all eternity. Before we were ever here, all of heaven and earth was crying out in worship. For thousands of years before us, and long after our names and stories are all but forgotten, people have and will meet corporately to pour out the praises of God. And even now, there are thousands upon thousands of believers that meet across the world, across the nation and across the street engaging with God, engaging with His people, and engaging in mission.  (TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE)

Aaron + Kelly
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cover prayerPray without ceasing. How does one do that?

I can honestly say, I have never thought about prayer more than I have since our time at Cornerstone. Why? Because Cornerstone Church loves to pray; whether it’s throughout a Sunday service, mid-week Bible studies and Gospel Community groups, or separate prayer gatherings – everything is saturated in prayer.

For us that has had several affects – first, we’re increasingly more comfortable to pray out loud.   Second, it reminds us of how little we pray throughout the week and engage with God outside of the isolated ‘God, please don’t let me have to walk to church carrying my guitar in the pouring rain only to get splashed by a bus… again!’

Third, it reminds us to be carrying others and their needs in your heart and into God’s presence throughout the week.

It’s so easy for our (okay, fine, MY) prayers to become all about me. But when we begin to acknowledge other’s needs, spend time lifting them up, it reminds me that other people matter, that their struggles, and joys are important. And we need to intercede on behalf of those around us.

In our experience, when the people of Cornerstone have offered the tried-and-true Christian ‘I’ll be praying for you,’ they actually mean it. And will check back for updates.

The Bible says…
‘Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working…’ [James 5:16]

Wow, what a privilege mixed with the weight of responsibility we have for one another. To love, care and lift up. I want to be the kind of person who spends more time praying for others than myself.

At varying stages of our move and life in Liverpool several of you have reached out to say that you’re praying for us – and those notes mean more than you realize. We’re not in this alone, and those prayers are you uniting with us on this journey.

Grateful and humbled,
Aaron + Kelly
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