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October 2014

Time Lapse Video

At least once a day we walk to and from church.  I’m not complaining, it’s a pretty view, and some good exercise – i mean, apart from the days when you’re carrying a guitar in the pouring down rain.  That’s not so great.  But wanted you guys to have a chance to see what our walk looks like.  Fair warning, if you get motion sickness – watch at your own risk ;). Welcome to Liverpool!

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So Kelly, What Have You Been Up To?

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetOne of the many things I’ve really enjoyed about our time in Liverpool is the opportunity I have to work with an organization called City Hearts. I started to volunteer with this organization in early June and found myself spending more and more time with them as the weeks went on. City Hearts exists to provide help and hope for victims of human trafficking, with the goal of loving them back to life. Currently they offer several locations across the UK for accommodation and support to men, women and families caught up in the travesty of trafficking.

When I first started with City Hearts, it was just as a volunteer helping out wherever there was a need, such as organizing all the clothes that had been donated in the homes or in the office, or simply vacuuming the floors. I was just happy to meet new fun people, but also know that I was playing a small part in a greater cause. The opportunity arose to have me head up the women’s drop in. City Hearts had already been doing this for the men for several years and wanted to provide this opportunity to the women either still under their care or no longer in the program.

The women’s drop in is a time for the women to have a fun and safe environment to go to once a week where they can participate in a fun, creative activity, getting to know other women but also able to reach out if they are needing any additional support. This has been a challenging new role for me but also an exciting one that has left me so encouraged. Meeting these women in this environment strips away the idea of what human trafficking is or what they look like, and you get to just sit and meet with other women who have some of the same hopes and desires all women have. To be able to just sit around, laugh with each other, learn new ways that we are creative or gifted, and just be.
In just a few short weeks, I have had the privilege of seeing some of these women grow and open up in various ways, at times making me bust out crying when retelling everything to Aaron. One young woman who was very timid and shy in the beginning, is now leading the conversations and sharing about how her first couple of weeks of college are going and her desire to become a lawyer. I see so much potential in this very bright, fun young woman and just know she is going to impact so many others lives. Another time we were painting canvases and while we were ready to clean up, a young girl quickly painted the words “yes I can” in big letters. She walked out with her caseworker that day and shared with her how that she now believes that she can do it and can accomplish what she puts her mind to.

Through my time at City Hearts, I’ve learned so much and growing in so many different areas. Looking forward to what the future holds with not only the amazing, strong people that we get the privilege of working with, but also how God is moving in my own life.

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Here’s a picture of that canvas I mentioned earlier 🙂