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February 2015

Faith Says:

FAITH SAYSFebruary 28th marks one year in Liverpool. In many ways it feels like a lifetime, and in many ways it feels like we just walked off the plane for the very first time. Its funny how looking through old pictures, and listening to the music we had on regularly when we arrived takes us back to all of those thoughts, feelings, and emotions. My stomach still turns in disbelief that we packed up our lives and moved to a place we had never been. Who does that?! I’ll tell you who, crazy people.

But that’s just the thing, the world looks at quitting your job, raising support, moving to a country you’ve never been, and being away from everything and everyone you know to serve in a church and says ‘are you crazy?” But God looks at the same scenario and asks the question ‘do you trust Me?’ Someone I follow on Twitter recently tweeted: “God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Hosea to marry Gomer, Job to endure though innocent. We should not expect “normal” requests from God.”  Normal in God’s economy and normal by the world’s standard are often worlds apart. And that is faith.

We’ve learned that faith walks. So often in our lives faith just looks walking in the same direction over a long period of time. Practicing obedience in the little things of life. Practicing an awareness of His Spirit’s stirring and prompting. And the more you practice listening and responding in obedience in the midst of the walk, it becomes easier to listen and respond in obedience when faith says ‘jump.’ It doesn’t mean it’s always easy, it doesn’t mean it is painless – obedience can sometimes feel like death before it feels like life – but it’s always for your good. Ultimately, faith says ‘yes,’ because we know, trust, and believe (sometimes only in part) that God is who He says He is, and does what He says He’ll do.   And there have been many times in this process where we have found ourselves echoing the cries of the father in Mark 9:24 –  ‘I believe! Help my unbelief!’

I will tell you this is the hardest thing that we have ever done (we’re not parents quite yet ;)) but it has also been an opportunity for us to press further into becoming the people that we know God has made us to be. The opportunities for me (Aaron) to spend time reading and writing, and working through both in theory and practice what being a worship leader looks like as you seek to lead a team of people, and also care for the people of the congregation, the chance to continue to solidify a theology of worship, and grow as a creative. For Kelly, the chance to invest in the lives of hurting and broken people both in the community and through her job at City Hearts, as God continues to unfold opportunities for her passion to ‘just be’ alongside hurting people. Those are the moments where you see and know that God has answered your cry of ‘…help my unbelief!’

There are relationships, conversations, and experiences that we’ve had in our year in Liverpool that we know have only happened as a result of walking, jumping, and saying ‘yes.’  God breathed moments.

Through your relationship, words of encouragement, prayers, and financial support, you are a part of our faith journey – you are a part of the reason that we’ve had the courage to walk, jump and say ‘yes.’ Can we be a part of yours? God may not call you to sell everything and move (although He may!) but He has called you to trust Him and walk in faith. It’s won’t be easy, as Charles Spurgeon says ‘bid farewell to a quiet life if you resolve to be true to Jesus,’ but it will always be worth it. Because He is always, and can be nothing other than good.

So wherever you may find yourself – in work, in life, on your spiritual journey choose to walk, and when you feel the push to jump, say yes. And when you walk, jump and say yes, tell your story. Because we all need to be reminded that God is good all the time, that life is scary and hard, but His promises are true – He will never leave you or forsake you.

We put together a detailed video for our support team of pictures, video, and interviews from us about some of the experiences and stories where we’ve walked, jumped and said ‘yes,’ this past year that have not been included on our website; If you’d like to get those updates, you can sign up here.

We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to support us, and given us the continued courage to walk, jump and say ‘yes.’ Thank you. If you’d like to support us financially as we move into this new year, and expand our family to three – you can do that here.

Walking, jumping, and saying ‘yes,’
Aaron + Kelly + Baby B
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Edinburgh Adventures

As we await the arrival of Baby B, we’re trying to ‘get out and see the sights.’  And when you live in the UK, it’s pretty easy to get around and spend time in different countries for pretty cheap.  So our most recent two night excursion was to beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.  I have to say, I did not expect it to be as stunning and picturesque as it was!  Green, hilly, and beautiful old buildings – including a legitimate castle!

We drove up with our friends Dan and Kate, and spent a couple of days wondering around, eating good food, drinking lots of coffee, looking in the cheesy tourist shops (like the beach shops they have at Myrtle Beach), laughing, and earning every one of the cookies we ate from walking everywhere.  And in case you’re wondering, no, no kilts were purchased… Something to look forward to next time.  Here are a few pictures…

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Aaron + Kelly + Baby B
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IMG_3134_fotorI love stories. And the older I get the more convinced I am of the importance of good story telling. Stories matter, and everyone has a unique story to tell. And everyone’s story is worth telling – no matter how seemingly insignificant or other-worldly.

As I’ve tried to get a grasp of why I have this conviction, I’ve come to this conclusion: as much as we claim to be an individualistic society, what we really want is to belong. And as we tell our stories, other people identify and see themselves in our stories our stories no longer become just our own, but they become our collective story. It is no longer just my story. It’s ours.

If we’re Facebook friends, undoubtedly you will have seen one of the stories of some dear friends of ours that has become ‘our story.’ The Baker’s were a part of our community group in Nashville, and Nate created this website for us, when we visited Nashville this past Summer, they let us crash at their house. We were all so excited when we found out that they were pregnant with their first. But an ultrasound revealed that their daughter, Everly had a rare (and for her, fatal) case of Osteogenesis Imperfecta – sometimes called brittle bones. And suddenly with that news, life changed drastically.

When Kelly and I heard from Nate and Colby I think it took all of five seconds for us to dissolve in heartbroken tears and prayers. As we are this much closer to becoming parents ourselves, we couldn’t fathom what the Baker’s were experiencing.

Pain, for those whom it does not break, seems to have two end results to the recipient, it makes them hard, angry and bitter, or it makes them tender, and open. And there is an honesty, and openness in these sweet friends that I am grateful for, and look up to. They have not minimized their feelings or the pain, but have shown a faith and trust in the midst of difficulty that is unwavering.

Kelly and I are such proud friends. We are completely humbled by how Nate and Colby have told their story that God is telling in and through them with openness, honesty, and unbelievable courage. As I sat and read comments from people all around the world, Christian and non, people who know them and people they will never meet, I caught the glimpses of what was becoming a story bigger than just one couple. Everly’s story has had an impact bigger than one family because of the decision Nate and Colby have made to share her story.


And we count ourselves privileged and blessed to be carriers of Everly’s story.
You can read Everly’s story told by her Mom and Dad, right here.
Stories matter. So tell it.

Aaron + Kelly + Baby B
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