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Well, we had grand plans of getting to Amsterdam for a babymoon (like a honeymoon before the baby arrives) but the timing didn’t quite work out like we had hoped. But we were not going to let that stop us from taking a little time away to enjoy our last holiday as a family of two!  So Kelly booked two great hotels – the Aloft hotel (with a sister-in-law that works for the company we got a MAJOR discount!) and ‘The Titanic’ both in Liverpool, both fun and cool, and we enjoyed a staycation!  We drank lots of coffee, did lots of walking, went to a few restaurants that we’ve been meaning to try, walked around the beach in West Kirby (on the Wirral), and relaxed.  We loved our time this weekend!  Here are a few pictures from our weekend:
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The countdown is on!
Grateful that you’re a part of this story,
Aaron + Kelly + Baby B
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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset“As it was Jesus who drew you when He said, ‘Come,’ so it is Jesus who keeps you when He says, ‘Abide.’  The grace to come and the grace to abide are both from Him alone.”Andrew Murray

Abide. This word has been turning over in my heart and mind a lot since our last post about walking by faith. And I think they are closely linked. If I’m honest, my heart and mind default toward fear and anxiety far more than rest, faith, and trust (abiding in Him).

If I have learned anything in this past year, it’s that whether it’s toward fear and anxiety, or rest and trust – they are both a choice. And the past year has only served to magnified what I choose more often than not. So much seems out of your control when you live on generosity of others, in a place that can decide whether or not they want to continue to allow you to live in their country.

I can often look back on our time before Liverpool and think that I did a far better job of ‘abiding.’ But the reality is what I clung to was often an illusion of control (isn’t all control just an illusion?) and defiant self-reliance. Because if I lost my job, I could just get another; if we needed to move, we could find another apartment; and we were close enough to family that we could be with them quickly, easily, and significantly cheaper than a flight across an ocean!

Being in a country where we understood the culture without effort, could work freely, had cars to get around, and had a depth of friends and family that have known and cared for us for many years are all amazing things! But we were in no more control of our lives in Nashville than we are in Liverpool. We just thought we were.

The stakes are seemingly raised when you add a child, a different country, and the weight of ministry and life responsibilities. And those are all honors and weighty responsibilities that we desire to carry well. But we are in no more need of grace to trust and abide now than we ever were as single people without those wonderful responsibilities. We are more aware of those responsibilities, and therefore more aware of our need of God’s grace to even be capable to carry them well!

How prideful would we have to be to think that it all comes down to our performance? How grateful are we to know that we are where we are, we are who we are, we are who He is making us to be all because of grace.

This year will be more weighty and wonderful than the last. With Baby B’s arrival in April, Kelly turns 30, we celebrate five years married, we enter into the last year on our visa, we explore what God has for us next – is it continued time in Liverpool? Will the government renew our visas if that becomes obviously what we want to pursue? Will we head back to the States? If we do that, where will we go, and what will we do to support our family? Wonderful and weighty.

To be honest (because I don’t know how to be anything but), this year holds far more unknowns than the year past – and it seems like those unknowns only grow as you age. But if we truly believe it’s all of His grace, if we truly believe that we are called to walk, jump and say yes, if we truly believe that we may not know the future but can only continuously seek to abide; then the only result will be grateful hearts and open hands.

And if it took a move of four thousand miles to begin to see that is what God has wanted for us all along – then it would all be worth it. Certainly cannot mark this as a ‘lesson learned,’ but merely scratching the surface of a choice we make daily, a posture of the heart continually, and a trajectory of life ultimately. Will you abide with us in the wonderful and weighty?

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.  Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.  I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.  As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.  If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.  These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”John 15:1,4-5,9-11.

Grateful hearts and open hands,
Aaron + Kelly + Baby B
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