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May 2015

The Significant Mundane

One of the conversations Kelly and I have had regularly over the last couple of years goes like this…

Life more often feels like the normal, small, day-to-day, seemingly insignificant decisions than history-making, world-altering, decisions that leave life-changing impact. I’m sure we can’t be the only people that have thought that.

Certainly having a child has magnified those feelings. Suddenly your whole life and routine change, but it becomes the same day after day. Just when you feel like you can’t handle anymore, the day is over to wake up and start the exact same pattern over again.

BUT what is mundane, difficult and even boring as we work to care for Merritt has significant impact. Because we’re working to care and love her and provide a safe environment for her to become who God has created her to be… And there is the significant in the midst of the mundane.

That perspective has given more insight into the rest of life as well. As CS Lewis reminds us, ‘There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”

The history-making, world-altering, life-changing impact comes when we love God and love others. When we intentionally invest our time, energy and efforts into relationships – not for the purpose of creating someone into our own image, or what we think they should be, but pointing them to Jesus, helping them become the people He desires them to be.

Wherever we are, whoever surrounds us, in whatever role we find ourselves – this is our opportunity to make a difference. It’s not about being in full-time ministry, or quitting your job to do overseas missions, or building a platform for the sake of ‘impacting people.’ Our moment for history making is small, but not insignificant. And I don’t want to miss my chance in the mundane because I’m too busy looking for the big moment. I hope you won’t either.

Kelly + Aaron + Baby B
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Names have meaning and significance.
But can I make a confession? When we named our daughter, we did not look into the meaning of her names, rather picked what we liked!

MJ NAMEFor us, we picked the name Merritt in part because it was a reminder that as believers we do not merit God’s favor, or righteousness it’s only because He first chose us and and through Jesus. Children are a blessing, and like any blessing it is a undeserved gift. And we have been very aware of that as we begin this new adventure being Merritt’s Mom and Dad that it is a weighty responsibility, but also a true blessing!

Merritt is of British origin (how fitting!) and means ‘little famous one.’   We can spend our lives trying to build our name, platform, influence, or we can pour ourselves out in an effort to make Christ known and proclaimed. And that would be our prayer that our ‘little famous one’ would be someone who grows up to echo the Psalmist ‘not to us oh Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory! (115:1)’

Jane means ‘God is gracious.’
Perhaps it’s the constant changes in lifestyle that we’ve experienced over the last two years or so – but this continues to be a consistent theme through our lives. And having a baby that has slept through the night since we’ve brought her home I think is enough proof to anyone that God is indeed gracious!

Naming is so significant and it happens at momentous occasions: Abram becomes Abraham receiving the promise of God that from him would come a great nation that would bless the world. Saul a hater and persecutor of Christians becomes Paul as he meets the real Jesus and becomes arguably the greatest missionary, evangelist, pastor and church planter the world has even known!

Even within marriage when two individuals become one family they share a name.

Naming is significant and we pray that the meaning behind the names we’ve chosen will be something true and defining of Merritt Jane for her whole life.
Kelly + Aaron + Baby B
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Social Baby

We have loved the fact that the internet and social media has allowed us to stay connected with friends, supporters and family during our time in Liverpool.  But we also know that you can have social media exhaustion when people overshare or overpost.  And to be honest, we always said we were never going to be those people who post only and always about their children on their social sites… And then you have a kid and think that they along with everything they do is amazingly cute and want to share everything!  So for those who want to follow updates and see pictures and posts of our Merritt, we’ve created an Instagram and Twitter account for her!  You can follow them here… for being a month old, she’s already mastered the sharing basics!  Kids these days…

Follow here…