Bucy Family Band

About Us

Hey, we’re Aaron and Kelly. We got married in 2010 and moved to Nashville, TN from Charlotte, NC. Our life was never going to be normal, but we never expected to be living and serving on staff at a church out of the country.  But two years into our marriage, that was the very conversation we were entertaining at the door to the unknown of what God may be stirring inside.  Many conversations, prayers, raising support, passports, visas, selling everything we owned, and finally booking our flights, landed us in Liverpool at the end of February 2014.  No amount of International House Hunters, or Downton Abbey could prepare you for the waves of culture shock you feel when trying to put your life together after moving yourselves 5000 miles away from everything and everyone you know.  But our life was never going to be normal, and we were just trying to live led.
One year in Liverpool quickly rolled into two, we had a scouse daughter, Merritt Jane in April 2015, we figured out where to find things in the grocery store, grew relationships and began to feel as settled as you can as an ex-pat.  And here we sit at the door to another unknown – attempting to secure another visa so we can return once again to our adopted home in the North-West of England.  Our life was never going to be normal, but we’re just trying to live led.  Thanks for following this adventure with us.
‘I have trusted Thee and Thou has not betrayed my trust; waited for Thee, and not waited in vain.’ – Puritan Prayer
(Photo Credit: The Beautiful Mess, 2016)