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Straight Lines

Unless we’re talking about House of Cards or Veep, we’ve never found ourselves to be particularly political. But with the two countries we call home in the middle of some of the most significant political changes that we’ve ever experienced we are left trying to make sense of this continually changing landscape.

We will not pretend to know what we’re talking about when it comes to the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, so if you’re looking for an explanation or an opinion you’ll have to look elsewhere – sorry. But for our American friends, I don’t know that we can properly articulate how serious and far-reaching this change will be not only for our city, but the country and ultimately the rest of the world – which will only be seen over time.

We’ve spent the last five months living acutely aware of the fear and difficulty that arises from change and uncertainty – it’s been chronicled in some detail in the previous five posts :).

One of the reoccurring realities of this season of our life has been the recognition of the complete and total sovereignty of God.  God is incapable of being moderately sovereign, or slightly sovereign, or sovereign over this but not over that.  No, He is either sovereign over everything or sovereign over nothing at all.  And we believe…

Nothing escapes His sovereignty.
Nothing happens that is a surprise to Him.
He is so sovereign that even the evil intentions of man, He can use for good.
He is the God who can draw straight lines with crooked sticks.

As the family of God, we celebrate when brothers and sisters celebrate, and we grieve when they are troubled. Would you please pray for your brothers and sisters in the UK? Would you pray for the churches who are serving local communities not dissimilar to the one you find yourself in? Would you pray for the missionaries and people who have called the UK home and the uncertainty and a change this significant brings to theirs lives and ministry?

Ultimately we do know now what this means for our family and this new visa, but once again we find ourselves setting our hope upon Another and trusting in the sovereignty of One who always knows far better.

Aaron + Kelly + Merritt
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PS: here are a couple videos that will hopefully help to make this a bit clearer…

Becoming More American

We’ve spent more time back in the States these last months than we have in the last two years. And having just celebrated Memorial Day, and approaching the 4th of July, I wanted to put down some thoughts about what you experience as an American who moves out of the country…

This strange thing happens when you move to another country that is different than moving to a new city, state or region (all of which, we’ve done). You at once feel less American, and more American.

You become less American because America is no longer the geographic location of home. Because you have chosen to separate yourself by an ocean of distance, culture, rhythms and lifestyle. You are given a unique vantage point as an insider (American), to become an outsider (Ex-Pat) and look in at the values and movement of what was once just normalcy. And in some ways, it feels like with these new eyes, even if you were to return permanently to make America your geographic home, it will always be a bit different than before.

You become more American because it is no longer the geographic location of home. Because absence makes the heart grow fonder across that ocean of distance, culture, rhythms and lifestyle. Because you have fresh eyes of affection for the familiarity of a life and country that you never realized have truly been woven into the DNA of how you function, relate, interact, and understand others and the world around you.

We have learned so much about culture over the last two years, American culture, British culture, and Scouse culture. But what continues to become more evident for followers of Christ: culture may help to explain us, but it does not define us. The Gospel defines us, Scripture defines us, Christ defines us.

And while I am incredibly grateful to be an American (I have burst into tears more often hearing our National Anthem sung, seeing our military serve, and witnessing all of the opportunities we have been uniquely blessed by to be from this country, and purchased more American flag memorabilia in the last four months than I have my whole life); I am even more grateful to be grafted into a covenant community of God’s family that redeems and transforms culture.

We are all at once, less American, and more American.
Aaron + Kelly + Merritt
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