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Memorial Markers

photoWe are forgetful people. And I’m pretty sure it’s always been that way.
In the Old Testament, the Israelites set up ebeneezers – physical, visible reminders of specific times when God showed his faithfulness to His people.

Kelly and I have been overwhelmed the last two years with our own markers of God’s faithfulness. Whether big or small, it’s been important through this process to write down and cling to those reminders through this season. And as we get ready to board a plane tomorrow, we wanted to share some of these makers that will hopefully encourage you as well…

-Two weeks ago, we were feeling particularly discouraged with visa issues. After spending all day on the phone, I was no closer to a resolution than I was at the beginning of the day. So Kelly and I went to Starbucks to decompress for a bit. The woman sitting next to us studying her Bible, turned as she got up to leave and said ‘you both were at my church a few weeks ago leading worship. I heard your story and wasn’t able to support you then, but I wanted to be able to give towards your move to Liverpool.’ Then she handed us a check for $100. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-It was really the last six months of living in Nashville where we felt the most connected, and our community group had a large part to do with that. When we told them how disappointed we were to be leaving so soon after meeting them, their response was ‘well, maybe God brought us all here to be a part of sending you guys on this new journey.’ A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-My last month at Inpop, was with a completely new team. But my new boss offered to allow me to work from Liverpool – keeping me connected to the music industry, and making just enough money to cover my student loan payments each month. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

-Right before we moved back to Charlotte, we sold lots of our clothes and furniture, and were able to cover the cost of a Uhaul and travel back to the Carolina, without having to dip into any savings. A marker of God’s faithfulness.

This list could go on for days. As believers, I don’t know that we always get to see how or why God allows and orchestrates the pieces of our story, but God has shown us glimpses along the way as of late. And that too is a marker of His faithfulness.

You, our supporters in prayer and financial are also markers of His faithfulness in our lives. We do not take that or you for granted.

Aaron + Kelly

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