Bucy Family Band

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They say it takes a village.  We would have to agree, because truly, we are built in and for community.  And over the last three years we have seen a community of people from family, friends, former and current employers, churches and strangers who have helped to carry, raise up and send us out where we feel God has ordered our steps – living led in Liverpool.

That support has taken many forms, but prayer and financial are two areas the Holy Spirit has used powerfully in our own story as this unique group of supporters have enabled us to live led as they themselves walk out their own journey living led.

As we enter a new unknown season, we have no idea what is ahead.  But we do know whatever God has in store, He will always use a community to shape Christ in and through us.  If you’d like to be a part of that community of support for us – please lift us up in prayer.  If God would lead you to be involved financially, we would consider it an honor and privilege to have you as a part of our financial support team.  There are three tax-deductible ways you can give…

1. CREDIT CARD via PAYPALclick here to give online.

2. AUTOMATIC MONTHLY WITHDRAWAL – ACH – Download the ACH Form Here  (Mail or Email to erik@missionary-support-services.org)

You can make your check’s payable to Bucy Family Band and mail them to: Missionary Support Services
Department A
PO Box 30428
Charlotte, NC 28230-0428

[All financial gifts are tax-deductible, and Missionary Support Services will supply necessary documentation for your taxes]