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We Are Alive

We Are Alive BannerYes, we are in fact alive. We have not posted in a long time in part, because life has been so unclear.

August 2015 put us six months out from finishing our original visa, which again left us with the question – do we stay, or do we go? We decided to explore a new visa, and walk through another door into our investment in Liverpool.

With that yes, came a new relationship with a sending organization to help us secure another visa. With Acts 29 no longer offering sponsorships for visas, and the low level visa of our previous two years no longer available to us, that yes also meant a commitment to pursuing a higher level visa, and therefore more labored process to staying in Liverpool.

It has and continues to be some of the most challenging and difficult months we’ve faced in our little family, and it’s not over yet… But all of that to continually be unpacked and unraveled as we venture on.

Thanks for being with us. We can’t always promise things will be pretty and neat – it’s just not true to our current reality – or life ever. But in our honesty, the prayer is that we will find and you will see a God who is as faithful in the shadow as He is in the light.

Aaron + Kelly + Merritt
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