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What’s Next…

Now that we’ve finally settled back into Liverpool life after all of the traveling these past months, we’re excited to see what’s next.IMG_3835_Fotor

Our visas will be finished at the end of January, and we’re continuing with conversations about where God is leading and what that might look like. We do know that we want to be able to spend whatever time we have left in Liverpool well, as we figure out and enjoy being parents to Merritt.

For Kelly she’ll look at the possibility of returning a day or two a week to her position at City Hearts. For me, I’ll continue to develop worship leaders and build teams as I run a worship internship through our church this fall.

In the day to day, life seems normal – but when we catch an aerial view (like having a month to enjoy with family in the States) it’s hard to believe that this is the story that God is telling in our lives.

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We’re forever grateful for all of you.
Aaron + Kelly + Merritt
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